24 Hour Hip Hop Radio Online – New Radio Phenomenon Where You Can Listen to Hip Hop Online

The Raw Spittas Group, who started Rawspittas.com has opened their 24 hour hip hop radio station, “Stomp U Out! Radio” and the internet’s first social media network dedicated to underground hip-hop, “RawGround” to the digital public. The website, rawspittas.com hosts a plethora of unique features that appeal to underground hip-hop and R&B lovers everywhere.

Beema, who has been quite known on the underground circuit as a former lyricist and current-day producer, stated that rawspittas.com will become a future powerhouse on the internet. “I’ve got plans to make this Facebook, Myspace, Tagged, Soundclick, HiphopDX, Twitter, Hot 97, and BET all rapped up into one. I firmly believe that while there are tons of underground rap and hip-hop oriented websites out there, few showcase the true essence of what hip-hop is and what hip-hop once was.”, stated Beema. When asked why the name ‘Raw Spittas’ was given to the website, he exclaimed “Because all of the artists spit RAW! Their passion for hip-hop is genuine – nothing phony about that.”

Rawspittas.com’s New Internet Radio Station

Rawspittas.com’s Stomp U Out! Radio is an underground hip hop internet radio station that is significantly growing in popularity. Started just a short while ago, it has blossomed from a small podcast-like stream to one with an average of 2,300 listeners per hour. This could be due to the site’s showcasing of unsigned and indie rap, hip-hop, R&B, and reggae artists, all of whom fully support the station’s willingness to promote their songs and albums.

The station has also conducted several in-house rap interviews, with the likes of Sinsir and the upcoming rap group 24S7VEN. Future interviews will include 50 Tyson, the autistic internet rap sensation out of Minnesota and Dirtbag Dan, a well-known Californian underground battle rapper from the Grind Time Battle League; a rap battle circuit that has become famous on Youtube.

Raw Spittas Says, “Get Out of My Space, Foo!”

Myspace was one of the first, if not THE FIRST popular social network. Then came, in no particular order, Hi5, Friendster, Facebook, Twitter,…blah blah blah. Not taking away credit where credit is due, but upon hearing that Rawspittas was going to establish a social network, one couldn’t help but to think that it would be another hopeless social site that would enter the realm of redundancy. That was quite on the contrary.

RawGround is classified and marketed as Rawspittas.com’s FIRST Hip-Hop social network and features many applications, many of which are Facebook, Google, and Twitter compatible. While some of the features can be found on many social networking sites, this site has dug into an urban niche, and even posts future club venues of top underground artists. It’s worth seeing at rawspittas.com/rawground.

Overall, Rawspittas.com plans on moving in a direction that is seldom visited by entities in the same industry. They’ve got the mixshow DJs, webpages, unsigned and indie talent, and other resources to do it. Many believe that Raw Spittas will most definitely cement themselves into a firm position in underground hip-hop’s past, present, and future. Listen to hip hop online – underground rap radio at its best! This website is like Hot 97 for the web, but even better! This is becoming a web phenomenon and all types of listeners, including battle rappers are taking akin to it.

For additional information on Raw Spittas, go to http://www.rawspittas.com. Alternatively, you can contact the staff at:


Main Website


RawGround Social Network


Raw Spittas Network
Email: rawspittas@gmail.com

Raw Spittas Official Website
www.rawspittas.comBilly Henderson

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The New FREE Classified Ads Site on the Block – Better than Craigslist, Better than Backpage

Ever wonder why Craigslist and Backpage tend to be the two powerhouse classified ad websites,but yet have so many faults and people who despise them. Every day, people voice their complaints on how many spammers and scammers post on Craigslist and Backpage, thus, leaving little to be desired when paying a casual visit to these sites. The last couple of years have showcased a mass exodus of former Craigslist and Backpage users wanting to migrate from the once “golden goose eggs” of online advertising to someplace more poster-friendly. Upon searching online, many people have come across a curly-haired nerdy character named “Doogie”.

Doogie, a cartoonish character, appears to be the official mascot of a brand-new free classified ads website known as Doogieads.com. Doogie Classified Ads features a plethora of categories in similar Craigslist and Backpage fashion with a bit of variety.

In the “Your Neighborhood” category, one can post free ads based on activities, volunteer positions, pet stories, and just about anything else that is relative to society and its happenings. You will be able to find quite a bit of information on many local subjects that you may need to dig deep for elsewhere. Doogieads.com also features personals, for sale postings, and even an adult ad category for those with a late night craving. Posters may also post suggestions for new categories, sub-categories, and locations under a special category. Thereafter, the websites at Doogieads.com will decide on whether the suggestion is appropriate. Cool feature!

The best feature about this ad posting site is that you will not encounter the same mumbo-jumbo that you would normally come across with Craigslist’s phone verification and flagging system. In fact, Doogie assures visitors that there is no flagging and no phone verification, as seen on the home page. This is how the website capitalizes; Craigslist has been losing fans due to its anti-spamming system, which has been working counter-productively. Many Craigslist visitors have been voicing themselves, even ranting and petitioning to have Craigslist’s verification and spam defense codes removed instantly.

Overall, Doogieads.com looks to be somewhat easy to use and could become a great competitor to Craigslist. Craigslist has had its era and has given us much enjoyment as we sell our old antique records or baseball card collections. With the changing times, websites come and go, but I have a feeling that Doogieads.com will be the “Free Classified Ads” site of the new age. Post free ads at your own leisure or for business on this free classifieds website and you will notice how easy it is to deal with compared to Craigslist and Backpage. For more information on this site, go to http://www.doogieads.com and post away!Ron Blackman

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